What to look for in an IT support company

It’s pretty easy to find IT help, but choosing the right partner is a little more difficult – what should be at the top of your checklist?

Most businesses run on IT these days, but few are capable of maintaining their own infrastructure to the necessary standards. This is why the help of an IT support company is invaluable. Putting everything in the hands of another firm requires a lot of trust, however. So how do you go about selecting the right candidate? The following pointers should be of use.

Location, location, location

While technologies like the cloud have made remote support a whole lot more effective, personal, face-to-face service still can’t be beaten – especially when the level of support you need is particularly high. The location of the company should play a big part in the decision, then, so be sure to look into the geographical area that each potential partner covers.

Different levels of support?

Think carefully about your individual needs; if you’ve started to look for help, you already know that you’ll benefit from support, but how much do you need? Most support providers offer various levels, so talk to them about which would be most beneficial. You may, for example, have a small IT team in-house already and would just benefit from a little backup. Other companies will have no tech knowhow whatsoever and would be better suited to a comprehensive, parts-included package.

Consider your growth plans

Chances are you’ve invested in IT to boost innovation and growth, and if it’s all handled in the right way, success is inevitable. As the company expands, though, your needs will change and the relationship you have with your IT support company must reflect the evolution. Talk to potential suitors about how they would deal with the change – are they flexible when it comes to changing packages to suit new budgets, for example? The support team should also be capable of accommodating a bigger contract in the future.

Whilst each company will have its own unique aims, objectives and considerations, giving credence to the three points above should provide a good starting point for finding IT help.

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