Why do you need IT Support and Management?

IT support and management can be overlooked as a critical service by most companies.  More often than not, they aren’t seen as benefits until a computer doesn’t work, or they can’t connect to the internet for some reason.

Consider what your IT does for your company: you have a team of staff who are all being paid a salary to do a function. Invariably that function in today’s world will rely entirely on a computer.  Given the loss of your computer network, not only do you suffer loss of goodwill from your clients, but also the direct cost of paying staff while they’re not working.  Furthermore, if your network is poorly specified and performing under par, this makes your staff less productive, thereby increasing your hourly cost.

So what relevance is this to IT support and management?  In simple terms, if the job is done correctly, your get a reliable and efficient network at a reasonable cost, serving the functions your staff need to perform their duties.

Trying to employ an IT person who understands the entire scope of their business is not only difficult and time consuming, but once you find him or her, they’re going to cost you a lot of money, too.  The range of skills required to manage a network and support it is most often the work of a team of skilled engineers, not just an IT bod.  Employing a single person to the role will invariably leave you short of some critical skills.

Consolidation is a wonderful thing.  The most obvious benefit being cost saving, but that sometimes comes with a loss of quality.  Often businesses complete an overhaul of their IT department and choose to purchase their support from a single person.  The problem will become apparent once you have more than a couple of things to fix every month, or if you have something that needs fixing urgently.  No business can operate without a computer, so to entrust something that vital to someone who may leave you in the middle of something important by citing “no fix and thus, no fee” might not be very comforting when faced with a deadline.


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